Institutional Visit – Deepasri oldage home as a part of Curricular activity

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The purpose of this visit was to make the students realise their social responsibilities towards Senior Citizens. Such visits also activate the student’s thought process to realise the agony and pain which the people go through in their old age while living away from their dear ones. The visit intended to teach them how to interact with the elderly who may have poor hearing and understanding alongwith other health problems as a result of old age. The conclusion aimed was firstly, to find out how our students could help the Senior Citizens & make them feel happy and secure and secondly, to create a society in which there is no need to establish Old Age Homes.
Our students from all the various courses went with high enthusiam and conviction to contribute their best during their visit.
Thus, the visit to the Old Age Home concluded with loads of warmth and showers of blessings extended from the elderly towards our team of students and Faculty Members.

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